Pretty Good For Four Kids


Fifteen years ago when my husband and I were just two young parents perplexed and bewildered by a single mewling infant, we used to joke that theoretically we were still in good shape as long as the children didn’t outnumber us, the adults (by default).

Three children later we are indeed outnumbered by a two to one ratio. Once the kids get wise to their advantage, they could possibly stage a coup, but for now, we’re doing pretty good.

By definition pretty good means: none of them have been eaten by sharks, mauled by zombies, or swallowed whole by an anaconda. Sure our sanity takes a beating on a regular basis, but who’s doesn’t?

Sometimes if I can find the time or inclination, I blog. Other times I fall face down on my mattress with my shoes still on.

Eventually they’ll grow up and our bustling house will be breathtakingly silent, in which case I may have to purchase a capuchin monkey I can dress like a baby.

But I have a few years before I have to face that reality.


One thought on “Pretty Good For Four Kids

  1. I enjoy your out look. You remind me of me. I too, have four kids, but alas – they have ‘left the nest’ – so I write this blog called Text me, Love Mom. One of them did just text me to tell me he accidentally returned from Canadian Thanksgiving in Calgary with the only set of keys to our jeep, another texted to tell me she thinks she loves her boyfriend (oh dear – but good for him – she’s a tough nut), the third would text if she ever knew where her phone or the charger was, and the other receives my lonely mother stalking messages, but rarely treats me to a response – there’s one in every crowd. The house is too quiet, but believe me there is still a lot of ‘parenting going on here’ (the two boys have discovered credit cards! – and no one is listening to Mommy about that). Check us out.

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